District Updates August 2014

Hello Utah-Idaho Key Clubbers. Hope you are having a great beginning of the school year! Every month, the UI District Board will publish updates on what is happening in the district, so no members will be left out of the loop.

First, we have a few new Lieutenant Governors. We would like to welcome Ciara Anderson from Division 1, Karthik Mouli from Division 6A, and Danny Dong from Division 8C. If you are in any of these divisions, expect to hear from them soon!

Second, this year we will be having Fall Rallys both in Utah and Idaho. The locations will most likely be somewhere in Salt Lake City and Boise. Stay tuned to find out.

Third, the Board wants to improve Key Club membership and LTG interaction throughout the District, which is why we have created the new Member Relations Committees, one for Utah and one for Idaho. If you are interested in being in any of these committees, as a chair or as a member, visit this page.

Finally, for all club members and officers, we have updated our district fee to $5. This is because Key Club International has decided to increase membership fees by $0.50 in order to better support projects for Key Clubs around the world. Anyways, if you want to keep track of Utah-Idaho Key Club, check out us on and

That’s all for now, and we hope you have a great year!

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